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The purpose of this list is to provide a succinct reference to composers who have composed at least one published original music for, or being transcribed for, solo classical guitar. Each entry of the list consists of the composer's full name, year of birth, year of death (if applicable), and nationality. Alphabetizing is simply done by dropping all accents and diacritics. The list in its present form is by no means exhaustive. The list will be maintained and updated continuously. Your input is very welcome. The list can be downloaded for your private use or for non-commercial use with proper reference to this webpage. Any other use or modification of the list must be explicitly authorized. Three forms of the list are available:

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Ying Sun,1996-2020. Ssu-Yu Huang, for now.

Disclaimer: It was my husband, Dr. Ying Sun's interest to keep the content of this list accurate, current, and complete; however, I cannot guarantee any of the above. Please report errors and omissions to me by e-mail: [email protected].

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