Snow on the River
Piano solo; duration: 5'27"
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Not a bird in a thousand hills. Not a soul on ten thousand trails. An old man on a raft in straw quilts V Fishes alone with snowy chills. This poem V written by a Tang Dynasty poet Liu Zong-Yuan (773-819 AD, China) V was the inspiration of this piece. The poet evinced a mood of depression, loneliness and perseverance by depicting a scene of a fisherman, against all odds, fishing alone on a river covered all over by snow. The music begins with the left hand playing prolonged notes to describe the calm but steadily flowing river. The right hand plays scattered short notes to represent flying snowflakes. The piece takes a free improvisational form to describe the nature's unpredictable changes. Two Lento sections and two Allegro sections interleave, with an Lento coda to end. The Lento sections proceed steadily and fluidically to build up layers with different musical textures, expressing the vast expanse of the snow covered river. The Allegro sections drive the musical pulsation and elicit imagination with dissonant counterpoints, expressing in an abstract way the snowflakes engulfing the entire landscape. The Coda returns to simplistic resonances to express the loneliness and stubbornness of the old fisherman.

Snow on the River (Liu Zong-Yuan, 773-819 AD, Tang Dynasty)

ds              Not a bird in a thousand hills.
U|Hܷ              Not a soul on ten thousand trails.
tb              An old man on a raft in straw quilts
WH              Fishes alone with snowy chills.