Solo Cello; duration: 11'00"
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Meditation íV Program Note

This piece was composed for guitar solo. The motif of "Meditation" is derived from the Chinese poetry. The deep and sonorous mood is essential to the expression of philosophical and abstract nature of Chinese poetry. The use of portamento and rhythm is an attempt to achieve a poetic atmosphere and mood. As a whole, the composer searches for the shape of each note and works with each tone to define changes of color, power dimensions, density contrasts, and the use of space. The richness in varieties creates a sense of multi-dimensions, which establishes an implicit agreement and the soul of the piece.

This piece was commissioned by the Japanese classical guitarist Kazuhito Yamashita. It was world-premiered by Mr. Yamashita in Tokyo, Japan on December 9, 1998. It was also performed by the Japanese classical guitarist Daisuke Suzuki in Kyoto, Japan on April 24, 1999.

In December 2016, "Meditation" was recorded and published in Spain by Chilean guitarist Marcelo De La Puebla in his CD album "Puentes", and with a YouTube release (link below).