Grand Music of Tang, No. 22. Jade Zither Sorrow
Duration: approximately 3'00"
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Grand Music of Tang is a suite of 24 classical guitar pieces, each of which was inspired by a specific poem from the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907 AD). This work was commissioned by Japanese classical guitarist Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita in 1999. For No. 22. Jade Zither Sorrow, the poem in Chinese and its English translation are shown below.

瑤 瑟怨 (溫庭筠)

Jade Zither Sorrow (Wen Ting-Yun, 812-870 AD, China)

Even the bamboo mat and silver bed can’t help her sleep.
Light clouds drift through evening sky, teal as water deep.
Goose honk fades away, beyond the north of Hunan.
In the twelve-story pagoda, only moonlight to keep.

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