Grand Music of Tang: 24-Piece Suite for Solo Guitar
Duration: approximately 78'00"
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Grand Music of Tang is a suite of 24 classical guitar pieces, each of which was inspired by a specific poem from the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907 AD). This work was commissioned and performed by Japanese classical guitarist Kazuhito Yamashita in 2000. The durations, titles and poets of the 24 pieces are as follows:
  1. [4'16"] 鹿柴(王維)Deer Enclosure (Wang Wei)  
  2. [3'00"] 竹里館(王維)Bamboo Lodge (Wang Wei) 
  3. [4'00"] 早 發白帝城(李白)Through Yangzi Gorges (Li Bai)
  4. [3'00"] 秋 夕(杜牧)Autumn Night (Du Mu)
  5. [3'11"] 楓 橋夜泊(張繼)Docking Overnight by Maple Bridge (Zhang Ji)
  6. [3'00"] 宿 建德江(孟浩然)Mooring on Jiande River (Meng Hao-Ran) 
  7. [3'25"] 春 夜喜雨(杜甫)Welcome Rain in a Spring Night (Du Fu) 
  8. [5'09"]  月下獨酌(李白)Drinking Alone with the Moon (Li Bai)
  9. [3'08"] 將 進酒(李白)Bring in the Wine (Li Bai)
  10. [2'56"] 涼 州詞(王翰)Liang State Verse (Wang Han)
  11. [2'41"] 渭 城曲(王維)Wei City Song (Wang Wei)
  12. [4'17"] 草 (白居易)Grass (Bai Ju-Yi)
  13. [2'29"] 聽 箏(王端)Lady Playing Zither (Wang Duan)
  14. [2'36"] 彈 琴(劉長卿)Playing the Guqin (Liu Zhang-Qing)
  15. [2'17"] 琴 歌(李頤)Deeply Moved by Music (Li Yi) 
  16. [2'10"] 琴 聽蜀僧濬彈琴(李白)Monk Jun Playing the Lute (Li Bai)
  17. [3'45"] 李 憑箜篌引(李賀)Li Ping Playing the Harp (Li He)
  18. [2'18"] 吹 笛(杜甫)Somber Flute (Du Fu)
  19. [2'20"] 相 思(王維)Yearning (Wang Wei)
  20. [2'47"] 錦 瑟(李商隱)The Adorned Zither (Li Shang-Yin)
  21. [3'20"] 清 平調(李白)Lady Yang (Li Bai)
  22. [2'30"] 瑤 瑟怨(溫庭筠)Jade Zither Sorrow (Wen Tin-Yun) 
  23. [4'04"] 望 月懷遠(張九齡)Viewing the Moon, Thinking of You (Zhang Jiu-Ling) 
  24. [4'32"] 無 題(李商隱)Poem Without Title (Li Shang-Yin)