A Dream of Red Mansions 
Trio for violin, guitar and double bass
Duration: 14'55"

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"A Dream of Red Mansions" mڬӡnperformed in 2005 by Mang-Lin Hsiao (ҪL violin), Keishi Sumi (cq guitar), and Yong-Pei Pan ( double bass) -- first 10 minutes only.

It was inspired by one of the seminal Chinese novels "A Dream of Red Mansions", written by Hsueh-Chin Tsao during the reign of Emperor Chien-Lung (1736-1795 AD) of the Chin Dynasty. This piece is base on the romance between the story figures Bao-Yu and Dai-Yu, which has a tragic ending. Seven sections were composed to high-light the story:
  1. The spiritual stone is too bemused to grasp the fairy's riddles (beginning section).
  2. In the Grand View Garden (measures 2-40).
  3. A song awakens Bao-Yu to the esoteric truth (measures 41-55).
  4. On the Feast of the Lanterns (measures 56-84).
  5. Dai-Yu weeps over fallen blossoms (measures 85-98).
  6. Bao-Yu's birthday celebration (measures 99-151).
  7. Flowers wither and fall (measure 151-end).