Misty Tango
Flute and guitar           duration: 8'00"
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This piece was world-premiered by flutist Sophia Lin and guitarist Meng-Feng Su on June 22, 2011 at the Hsinchu Culture Center. Another performance was at the Taipei National Concert Hall on July 24, 2011.

Program notes

This music was inspired by passionate Flamenco music and the Piazzolla's style of vivid tangos. The title "Misty Tango" reflects a mysterious atmosphere of the music with a sense of implicit sadness. The Argentine tango is referred to as the Dance of Love, depicting lovers engaged in mutual admiration, desire, demureness, teasing, and quarrel. Its choreography employs decisive steps and movements with cat-like stealth. The rhythm of the music strongly emphasizes syncopation and staccato with clear and abrupt rests. This is a duet for flute and guitar. The guitar assumes the male role who controls the tempo and rhythm throughput the piece by expressing a masculine, bounteous and effortless style. The flute assumes the female role who carries out the melody in an intertwined fashion with the guitar. The flute accentuates a clear and compelling rhythm, at the same time expresses perfervid and flowing melodies, and demonstrates elegant and graceful postures. The music begins with a Flamenco-style impromptu (measures 1-12), then enters section A (measures 13-29) and section B (measures 30-54). Following a transition (measures 55-63) is the flute solo section C (measures 64-77). The next section (measures 78-88) is a variation of section B. After another transition (measures 89-96), the music reaches its climax (measures 97-117), then returns to section A (measures 118-134) followed by a coda (measures 135-156).