Tai Chi
(guitar, altus guitar), 2011 [5'30"]

This piece will be world-premiered by the Aranjuez Guitar Duo on September 23 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany; on September 24 in Bochum, Germany; and on September 25 in Essen, Germany.

Program Notes

In the history of the Chinese philosophy Tai Chi has been an important concept. Tai Chi refers to the order of the most primitive state of the universe. The unity of a mixture separates into “ying” and “yang”, the formation of Heaven and Earth. Then, further changes develop into endless circles of life. This music was inspired by the Chinese Tai Chi Fist, presenting the spirits and forms of the Tai Chi practice. The music guides the exercise in accord with breathing. The composer attempts to express the 13 elements of the Tai Chi Fist ( jab, pull, push, press, grab, break, elbow, lean, forward, backward, gauge, look, and root) with a variety of guitar performance techniques: apoyando, al aire, sul tasto, sul ponticello, harmonic, glissando, pizzicato, bartok pizzicato, vibrato, tremolo, trill, tamburo, and percussions. Tai Chi footworks and orientations follow the five elements: earth, metal, wood, fire, and water, which are represented by the pentatonic scales. Two guitars, a yin and a yang, interact as the music progresses. The melody and the accompany shift vividly and constantly evolve in an intertwined way. This piece is dedicated to the Aranjuez Guitar Duo.