Rhapsody from the Wilds
(wind band), 2007 [8'30"]

This piece was world-premiered at the Taichung Chung-Hsin Hall in Taiwan on July 21, 2007. It was performed by the Hsinchu Wind Orchestra, with Mr. Ito Yasuhide conducting.

Program notes

This piece was motivated by “Hunting in Childhood”, a children’s song of the Taiwanese Bu-Nong tribe. From beginning to end the music follows a single-movement form. The beginning of the piece is based on atonality. The music leads us into a world of wilderness, revealing the mystery of the wilds, and discovering the secrets of the aboriginal tribe. The middle section uses repeated rhythms. Sections of melodies overlap and develop into a sophisticated structure. As the music progresses, the repeated rhythms continue to manifest themselves. A broad and majestic scene is created, which leads to a grand finale. The coda reflects and echoes the beginning of the piece. To discover the tribal worshipfulness and totemic myth hidden behind the music, the individual listeners must exercise their own imagination and interpretation. This piece was commissioned by the HCWO for the 2007 Aboriginal music collection in Taiwan.