(guitar), 1998 [11'08"]

This piece was commissioned by the Japanese classical guitarist Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita. It was world-premiered by Mr. Yamashita in Tokyo, Japan on December 9, 1998. It was also performed by the Japanese classical guitarist Mr. Daisuke Suzuki in Kyoto, Japan on April 24, 1999.

Program notes

The motif of "Meditation" for solo guitar is related to the Chinese poetry. A deep and sonorous mood is created as an expression for the philosophical and abstract nature of the poetry. Varying rhythms and portamento are used to achieve a poetic atmosphere and aspect. Throughout the piece the composer searches for the shape of each note and tone, leaving room for the performer to explore color change, power dimension, density contrast, and spatial orientation. The richness in the varieties conveys a sense of multiple dimensions, which establishes, in an implicitly coherent way, the soul of the piece.