Capriccio of Wind
(flute and guitar), 2008 [4'30"]

This piece was world-premiered by flutist Sophia Lin and guitarist Meng-Feng Su in a multimedia concert at the Taipei National Concert Hall on July 22, 2009.

Program notes

This piece was inspired by the sea breeze of Sizi Bay. Sizi Bay is located at the west side of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. With Wanso Mountain to the north and Chijin Peninsula to the south, Sizi Bay is famous for its naturally formed reefs, beautiful sunset, and green sea under blue sky. In early Ching Dynasty it was called Yanglu Bay or Yangzi Bay, also called Sie Bay. Because of the similarity in pronunciation, Sie Bay has become Sizi Bay. In Song Dynasty the celebrated poet Su Dong-Po wrote about the West Lake: “If West Lake can be analogous to Sizi, with either heavy or light make-ups she is always a beauty.” To describe the scenic West Lake, Su thought of the historical beauty Sizi. How appropriate Sizi is now used to name this beautiful bay in Kaohsiung. The music takes the rondo form and contains three parts: the whisper of the wind, the dance with the wind, and the meditation in the wind.