Black Holes
(violin, flute, cello, double bass), 2005 [7'38"]

This piece was world-premiered at the Kaohsiung Music Hall on August 30, 2005, performedby Mang-Lin Hsiao (violin), Sho-Feng Lu (flute), Pei-Chin Shi (cello) and Yong-Pei Pan (double bass).

Program notes

This piece was inspired by the tree hole in the children’s story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Puzzling and imagination are developed about the world behind the tree hole. The composer attempts to characterize this mysterious world in the endless hole. Prolonging of voices represent the flow velocity of time. Percussions and pizzicatos represent the forces created by falling objects. The mysterious quality of the music is related to the interaction of time and space in this wonderful world.